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Custom Embroidered Tote Bags for Conferences, etc

Whether for a trade show, conference, or anything else, custom embroidered bags are an amazing promotional item. Not only do they help promote your company, brand, or cause during the event, but afterward those embroidered totes will often become custom grocery totes (or even an embroidered beach bag) -- getting you additional exposure as their usage changes.

One of the major benefits is how how affordable tote bags are. Totes are the lowest-cost custom embroidered bags (and even less expensive when screen printed!), and a functional form of advertising (in that they have a functional purpose while advertising your organization).

Custom Embroidered Backpacks

When it comes to features, custom backpacks are often in a class of their own. They're far more likely to have pockets inside of pockets, allowing you to store items for easy access while keeping them extra secure (especially given that personalized backpacks feature great durability).

Why might you want to embroider backpacks? They're a perfect choice for schools and PTO fundraisers, especially since you can add your school logo. Custom backpacks are also a neat option for scout groups (and can be personalized with a troop number), as well as for hikers, men's retreats, and more.

Custom Embroidered Duffle Bags

Call them embroidered gym bags, custom sports bags, embroidered duffles, or even custom duffel bags, these bags are incredibly versatile. Among other things, they're amazing workout bags, a great carry-on option for luggage (and a custom luggage bag is always easier to find!), and a fantastic overnight bag.

Depending on your business, you might sell your embroidered duffel bags instead of giving them away (since if somebody is going to buy an embroidered gym bag, it only makes sense to buy that duffle bag from their gym). However, customized duffel bags make a phenomenal holiday gift for employees and can be useful as branded bags for workers in certain fields.

Promotional Messenger Bags

Custom embroidered messenger bags aren't just an essential for your sales team, they can be incredible promotional gifts for clients and customers, too! As far as high-end branded gifts go, custom messenger bags are bound to leave an impression not only on the lucky client, but also everybody who sees your client's embroidered messenger bag.

And the easiest way to make that impression is with your company logo, which is why embroidered logo bags are so powerful. If your employees regularly meet with clients or customers, a custom messenger bag is just one way to reinforce your company's branding and establish your team members' legitimacy.

Honestly, who needs a briefcase when you have an embroidered logo messenger bag? Although a briefcase was once a business essential, it's slowly given way to the more-stylish messenger bag.

Custom Conference Bags for Trade Shows and More

Although corporate events like trade shows and business conferences are what many people think about when they hear the word "conference," there are a great many other events, too. These range from teachers conferences to conventions, where embroidered conference bags often shine. (Although I'd argue a custom embroidered bag ALWAYS shines... but I might be a little biased!)

Does your business need custom convention bags? If you've paid for a booth at the show, the answer is YES! And while embroidered bags are a great option, if you're trying to save money on custom tote bags, you may want to go with printed totes instead (see our full selection here). However, no matter which custom bags you go with, there's a HUGE advantage to having your logo on them and, as mentioned earlier, logo bags can see a lot of use even after the event.

The beauty of custom convention bags is they're very low cost, very likely to be used (unlike those easily-lost-and-forgotten custom pens), and very much in demand for holding company swag. In fact, anybody who sees your company logo bags will likely seek our your trade show booth, giving your employees a valuable chance to talk to perspective customers.

We’re Here for Your Custom Embroidered Bag Needs

Whether you need custom embroidered bags in a hurry or are ordering ahead of time (so you can save money with our free shipping), Bolt Printing should be your go-to destination for custom bags.

We offer a wide selection of backpack, duffel bag, tote bag, and messenger bag styles, ranging from low price options designed to fit your budget all the way to high-end custom bags.

Not only are we among the best custom embroidery companies, but we're one of the fastest, too. We offer two-day turnaround on most embroidered bags (up to 96 pieces -- please contact us for a time-table if you have an extremely large custom embroidered bag order that needs a fast turnaround).


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