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Saving money doesn't have to mean sacrificing quality. When customers hear "cheap custom t shirts," there's sometimes an expectation that the shirts themselves of an inferior quality (where some people worry that they'll break apart after a single wash), but that's not the case. Bolt Printing only carries good-quality shirts from companies with outstanding reputations.

When you're buying from Bolt, "cheap t-shirts" just means low-cost, not low-value. Yes, we carry higher-end shirt styles -- ones that use ringspun, combed cotton or feature different fabrics -- but that's a matter of moving up to something nicer. You don't ever get stuck moving down with Bolt.

How do we keep our prices so low? Simple -- Bolt Printing isn't a middleman. We own all of our equipment, we handle our own production, we do all of graphic prep work, etc. By handling everything in-house, we're able to keep our prices low (AND our quality high) and these savings are passed along to customers.

 Custom Staff T Shirts that Won't Break the Bank -- and even Bigger Savings when Buying in Bulk!   

Whether you run a small business or a charity, there are some pretty HUGE advantages to having workers wear custom shirts. For starters, custom staff t shirts make for incredibly low-cost uniforms. (And whether you have employees or volunteers, you want people to be able to identify your workers.)

However, that's only the beginning of the benefits since they're an incredible promotional tool. And, if you're promoting a small business or charity, not only do you want to get your money's worth, but you want to stretch your marketing budget as far as possible.

Small businesses can benefit immensely from custom clothing because it's an extremely versatile, extremely low-cost promotional option -- far cheaper than many of the alternatives. Putting a logo on a custom shirt is cheap and it has the potential to turn customers, employees, and other wearers into walking billboards, advertising your organization far and wide.

Don't need a ton of shirts right now? That's fine -- there's no minimum order quantity when you order custom t shirts from Bolt Printing. Although you stand to save a LOT when you place a bulk order, Bolt is able to offer very small quantities of custom printed t shirts thanks to the magic of digital printing (a.k.a. direct to garment printing, or DTG printing for short). How small? If you just need a single shirt, we can do that!

(However, if you design custom tees with a sleeve customization, there is a minimum because we can't digitally print on shirt sleeves.)

 Discount Screen Printing for Special Events -- Family Reunions, Milestone Birthdays, Club Gatherings, Field Trips, and More!   

When it comes to celebrating a special occasion, custom tees are a great way to commemorate the event. Not only does it show good cheer when everybody wears them at the time, but they'll conjure wonderful memories after the fact, too -- and let you show off that special time to the world.

 "Why are your prices for custom t shirts so much cheaper than the other guys? Is your quality cheap?"   

Most of us have grown up hearing the old expression, "If something is too good to be true, it usually is," so there's a natural skepticism -- if not suspicion -- when you see custom tees being sold for far less than the top guys. However, there are a lot of reasons for why custom apparel might be cheaper (which I'll discuss in a minute), but let's get the big question out of the way first.

For the record, Bolt Printing only sells high-quality apparel. We exclusively buy blank clothing from the most reputable manufacturers -- the same big-name companies that our biggest-name competitors use for their higher quality offerings -- and we customize apparel to the highest of standards. If we don't think something is going to work, we'll tell you. And if you don't listen or take it seriously, we'll tell you again. And if we don't think we can produce something to an acceptable standard, we won't take the order. Quality is the name of our game. We won't accept anything less, and neither should you!

As for how we can afford to sell high-quality tees for "cheap" prices? There are two big reasons.

First, Bolt Printing is NOT a middleman. There are a lot of custom apparel companies online where all they do is take orders and then outsource the work to somebody else. Not only does that lead to all sorts of potential miscommunications, there's another layer of cost -- you're paying a company who in turn is paying another company. Who's actually doing the work? Who knows! You'd need to be a detective in some cases. But it's no mystery when you order from Bolt because we handle ALL of our production at our headquarters in sunny Brookfield, Connecticut, a quiet town on the western side of the state just over the border from New York.

Second, most custom apparel companies charge ridiculous amounts for custom tees. Their expenses are actually pretty low, but their prices are absurdly high to maximize their profits. For many of our competitors who handle their own production, they could probably afford to sell cheap custom t-shirts at prices that'd rival ours, but they'd rather make a much, much, MUCH larger profit at their customers' expense. While it seems like we're selling cheap t shirts, our prices are actually pretty reasonable.

However, don't be fooled -- there are a lot of other companies out there who'll advertise low prices then hit you with fees. Bolt Printing doesn't play those games because we don't have to. That's why we don't charge set-up fees, we don't have hidden fees, and so on. In many cases, the price you see listed for a certain number of shirts will be the final amount you pay -- because we offer free shipping on standard orders.

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