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Custom Blankets With Logo

What's better than a soft, cozy blanket on a cold winter day? A soft, cozy blanket with your company logo embroidered on it!

Custom embroidery is a great way to turn average blankets amazing. More importantly, promotional blankets are the kind of company swag that customers and employees alike adore. This means custom embroidered blankets are far less likely to wind up at the bottom of a drawer or closet -- ie, your promo blankets will be put to good use.

In short, logo blankets are powerful. They offer an enduring impact and, even if they're a less prominent form of advertising than custom apparel, they'll likely see more use in the long-term and the owners will probably appreciate them more than other kinds of promotional swag. If nothing else, it's a great way to show employees how much you value them.

When you decide to embroider blankets, keep in mind the default location for a company logo, sports team logo, or even a monogram is near the blanket's corner. It's by far the most practical -- and tasteful -- placement for custom embroidery.

Branded Corporate Blankets as a Year-End Gift

Looking for the perfect holiday gifts for your employees? Branded company blankets are an extremely popular choice, often ranking among employees' favorites. And why wouldn't they be popular? Super soft embroidered throw blankets keep people warm and cozy whether at home or on the go.

Of course, if somebody is traveling with their custom corporate blankets, that means everybody gets to see your business logo. It could be a conversation starter at a football or baseball game, or at any other outdoor event.

Best of all? Although embroidered corporate blankets are a higher-end gift, they're still very affordable. In fact, these customizable blankets come in an array of styles that can fit a wide variety of budgets. The nicest of the bunch -- such as luxuriously soft custom lodge blankets -- are a bit more expensive (but, if you're only buying for 12-24 people, the added cost won't be a huge deal). However, you also have some very affordable embroidered waterproof fleece blankets. And, if it's been a leaner year but you still want to do something special, there some entry-level embroidered fleece blankets perfect for smaller budgets.

Promotional Blankets With Logo Are Great for Giveaways

Want to give potential customers something they'll actually want to keep and use? Embroidered promo blankets are always an awesome choice.

While you can't be sure customers will want to wear (or even keep) custom clothing, you can be sure they'll get a lot of use out of an embroidered custom blanket, even if it's just keeping cozy on a couch.

Again, unlike clothing, custom embroidered blankets won't turn customers into walking billboards for your advertising -- and that's fine. If you're giving away embroidered blankets, your focus is often more on staying in the mind of the owner. (However, if they use those custom embroidered blankets outside of the home, you're getting the best of both worlds.)


Custom Logo Fleece Blankets Embroidered With Your Design

So far, our focus has been on custom embroidered company blankets. However, those aren't the only kind of logo blankets.

If you represent a sports team, school, PTO, or other organization, you may want to sell custom embroidered blankets. The advantage to embroidered polyester blankets over an imprint is a smaller, classier-looking logo or design. Although it mostly comes down to preferences, there are definitely some embroidered blanket fans. Certain kinds of non-profits and charities may consider embroidered blankets for fundraising, allowing them to give something tangible for what's effectively a donation (while, at the same time, those custom embroidered fleece blankets

Custom Fleece Blankets With Logo as Corporate Gifts

Earlier, we discussed how an embroidered corporate blanket makes a great year-end gift. However, the holidays (or the year's close) is just one of many special occasions worth celebrating. If your company hosts summer events -- like a company picnic or group barbecue -- embroidered blankets could be given to employees during the event and taken home afterward as a company gift.

And, honestly, there are many occasions when custom embroidered throw blankets, embroidered picnic blankets, and various embroidered fleece blankets are a great idea.

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Whether or not winter is right around the corner, there's never a bad time to buy custom embroidered blankets -- especially when ordering ahead lets you take advantage of free shipping.

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