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Custom Embroidered Button-Up Shirts are the Most Professional Form of Branded Apparel

Call them dress shirts, button-up shirts, button-down shirts, or even office shirts, a button-front shirt by any name is viewed as the highest form of professional attire.

Who are custom dress shirts perfect for? Typically, it's reserved for certain kinds of professionals. Custom button-up shirts can be worn by salespeople, front staff at hotels and resorts, consultants, accountants, temps, and a variety of office workers. On top of that, it can be a nice touch for white collar municipal workers.

Basically, if you need your employees to make an impression, custom button-up shirts are the way to do it. (And they tend to be exclusively embroidered, since a print doesn't show up as well or look as professional on a dress shirt.)

An Embroidered Button-Down Shirt vs a Button-Up Shirt

Although button-ups and button-downs are often used interchangeably, there's a key distinction between the two: collar buttons.

The collar of a button-down shirt can be buttoned against the shirt, which gives button-down shirts an even crisper look. However, does this make them the best button shirt? Ultimately, that comes down to preference. Some people like the look of a button-down shirt's collar while others prefer a button-up shirt. However, with a button-down shirt, there's the slight benefit that you never have to worry about how your collar looks -- after all, it's always going to be in-place!

The Secret to Great Logo Dress Shirts

As you might imagine, the best customization for a dress shirt is just a logo placed on the left-chest (either on or above a pocket). The beauty of a logo dress shirt is that it's simple, tasteful, and conveys a powerful association (whether for a personal or professional brand).

When embroidering a logo, you'll always want to stick to basics. While something over the top like an all-over print button shirt is obviously both distracting and out of place, other more-appropriate shit patterns can also obscure a logo. Depending on your logo's appearance, you might want to stick with a solid color. (In fact, this is why we only carry solid colors -- and why we stick with a quality brand known for using excellent material.)

Ideally, you want the logo on your custom button shirt to stand out. Some custom logos are striking enough to be noticed on any button-down shirt, but others need either plainer patterns or a solid color (which, once again, is the safest choice).

Mens Embroidered Button-up Shirts Are a Great Option for Everybody

Despite the name, men's custom dress shirts are actually unisex -- and they look as good (or better) on a woman. The only real difference between men's and women's custom button-up shirts is that the unisex option tends to be a bit less contoured (or form-fitting). There's nothing distinctly masculine about the dress shirts themselves.

The benefit to sticking with customized unisex dress shirts is that you don't have to worry as much about the wearer -- you can buy in bulk (and enjoy bulk discounts) and just have the custom button-down shirts on hand for whoever needs them. It's the most sensible option. However, if you want custom ladies dress shirts, we carry them, too!

Bolt is the Best Place for Custom Embroidered Button-Down Shirts

Looking to design your own custom button shirt? Bolt Printing can help! Our online design studio makes creating custom dress shirts a snap, whether it's customizing button-up shirts or custom button-down shirts.

More importantly, when you buy from Bolt, you're working with a team of experts who will guide you through the process. It's basically concierge customization and, best of all, the service comes at no extra charge.

So, what are you waiting for? Start designing your own button-up shirts today.

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