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The Value of Custom Corporate Polos

When building credibility, the appearance of professionalism is huge. Two groups of equally-capable employees can be seen very differently based solely on they're wearing.

If your team is attending trade shows, matching polo shirts (with a logo) will make your team members instantly identifiable and that consistency will make your company look more organized (even if you're just winging it).

It's an even bigger deal with specific company roles. If you have public-facing employees -- such as salespeople, consultants, administrators, or support professionals -- custom apparel adds a trust factor. Namely, visitors and customers know they're talking to a representative of an established company. This can be even more important in the case of corporate security since your employees and guests are counting on them.

On top of all that is the sense of unity. After all, there's no better way to show everyone is on the same team than by having everybody wear the same uniform. (However, if you do need to distinguish by roles, you could always use different color custom polos. For example, this could be useful for differentiating security from other team members.)

Reasons to get Company Polos Embroidered

By now, I hope you recognize the value of custom logo polo shirts. However, you might be wondering why you should specifically go with an embroidered polo shirt. After all, aren't custom printed polo shirts a lot cheaper? Is it really worth paying a premium for embroidery?

The short answer? It depends.

Either way, a custom polo shirt is great for branding your business. However, custom embroidery is generally the preferred option for business polo shirts. Although personal preference can also be a factor -- since some people prefer the look of either an embroidered logo or a screen printed logo -- and there are some industries where a print logo works better, you're usually better off sticking with your industry's standard.

And although the pricing for embroidered designs is usually a few dollars higher than a printed design, it shouldn't be seen as a deal-breaker.

The Simplicity (and Practicality) of Business Polo Shirts with Embroidered Logo

When embroidering a polo, there's only so much space to work with. The customization area for each placement is relatively small, whether it's a left-chest embroidery, nape, or embroidered sleeve.

That's why you should limit your custom design to relatively basic elements. You'll usually want to stick with an embroidered logo and/or your company's name. If you're going to embroider multiple locations, you might consider other information in those additional places -- like maybe a phone number or URL -- although many custom embroidered polos tend to have the same things in those other places.

For example, you might customize the left-chest and nape with your business logo and then have the company's name on your sleeve. Or maybe you'll have embroidered logos on your left-chest and sleeve (with or without your business name on the nape).

Or, if you want to keep things really basic (and your cost low), you might only customize the left-chest placement. However, keep in mind that additional placements will make your business polos look fancier, which can help your organization's image.

Never Settle for Anything Less than High Quality Embroidered Polo Shirts

Custom embroidered polos tend to be more expensive than other custom shirts, partly because the garments themselves are more expensive. And, depending on the features you want (such as the fabric, button material, number of buttons, style, placket, locker patch, split-tail, color blocks, stripes, etc), the prices can really vary. On top of all that, if you're investing in polo custom polo shirts, you want something on the nicer end. That said, you don't need a massive budget for polo embroidery.

For starters, remember that cheap polos doesn't have to mean low-quality polos. Bolt Printing only carries durable, well-crafted apparel. Our most affordable options are still high-quality polos and are often better than the entry-level options found at other custom clothing companies.

However, what if you want to focus on nicer polo styles? If you plan to sell embroidered custom golf shirts, for example, you may want a higher-end option (where you can pass the added cost -- and an added premium -- along to customers). Or if you're looking for coaching apparel, you may want something fancier for the sake of presentation. The good news is we have all that -- our custom polo product pages cover an extremely wide selection with price points to fit any budget.


When You Have an Urgent Need for Embroidered Polo Shirts, Fast Delivery Couldn't Be More Important

While it's great to plan ahead, sometimes the unexpected happens -- or somebody drops the ball -- and you need custom shirts URGENTLY!

Maybe you need them for a trade show or convention. Perhaps your sales team will be launching a new campaign. Or maybe there's a company retreat coming up. No matter the case, you need custom polos FAST... and Bolt Printing can deliver!

Bolt Printing specializes in lightning-fast turnaround times. In fact, speed is such a priority that "Bolt" is part of our company name (and our logo is a lightning bolt). So when you need something fast, we bolt into action.

How fast are we? If you're ordering 100 (or fewer) embroidered polos and select a paid shipping option at checkout, our turnaround time is two business days. (If you need more than a hundred, you can ask for an estimate when you call -- however, rest assured that it'll be very, very fast.)

Don't need your polos right away? Then take advantage of our free shipping. Although your personalized polos order will still be delivered quickly, the time-frame will be a bit longer. (On most orders, our estimated turnaround time including delivery is 7-14 days.)

Looking to save on top of that? We offer high quantity discounts -- namely, you'll save a bundle when buying bulk polo shirts. And why wouldn't you want to buy in bulk? Even if you don't need a large number of polos today, having them on hand ensures you'll have them for tomorrow instead of needing to place a second order (or third, or fourth, or fifth). If you plan on your business being around years down the road, buying custom polos shirts ahead (to save money) just makes sense.

Whatever custom/personalized polo shirts you need, Bolt Printing has you covered. Considering that our high-quality polo embroidery is usually less expensive AND faster than those other guys, why would you order from anybody else?

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