Connect with Custom Logo Aprons

Connect with Custom Logo Aprons

Employee serving coffee while wearing custom apron

How do you feel when you see a custom apron? A bit more welcome? Perhaps more eager to approach someone? Much more than just another piece of clothing, aprons are a canvas for human connection. They build a sense of trust -- establishing expertise while still demonstrating care and support. It's why aprons are able to do certain things that no other type of custom clothing can. 

But perhaps one of the biggest perks is that most people don't wear aprons, so an apron is automatically more noticeable. There are no mistakes about somebody wearing an apron -- it's a person who's there to help, whether as part of a job or as an act of service. This automatically makes things much more comfortable for whoever requires assistance (and, in the process, creates a much more welcoming environment).

There's a reason why employees at Home Depot have their iconic orange aprons. It's a way of suggesting, "Hey, experts are around to answer your questions, so ask away!" And that kind of approach can carry over to a lot of other activities. 

Even if you don't have a logo, there's a value to customized aprons. Instead, you can add a slogan that demonstrates a commitment to serving others or perhaps a comedic message (like "Leave room for dessert"). Whatever the message, the core idea is that you're happy that the other person is there. 

And, without even getting into all of the practical benefits, aprons just create a more pleasant environment, the kind somebody wants to visit. 

Advantages When You Customize Logo Aprons

Custom aprons are an incredibly practical item for a range of industries and activities where aprons already make sense, but you're also getting the added value of having a printed or embroidered logo on top of that.

Whether they're being used as a work uniform or a volunteer outfit, having a logo on a custom apron helps the public identify your workers AND offers your team members a more professional look (since they'll be in matching aprons).

Basically, any time you'd have a team wearing aprons, you should strongly consider custom logo aprons.

Which Businesses Benefit the Most from Customized Logo Aprons?

Waitress getting ready to begin her shift in a brown custom apron

What's your first thought when it comes to custom aprons? Odds are it's how they're used by companies.

Custom aprons are a great choice for a variety of small businesses including ones working in the food service industry, gardening, crafts, and more. Below are just a few examples.

- Custom Waiter Aprons (a.k.a. Restaurant Aprons)

Table for two? Whether your waitstaff is serving a couple or a dozen guests, they can benefit from custom waiter aprons (or custom waitress aprons) to hold their notepad, pens, and maybe even spare silverware. On top of that, it'll help to keep the rest of their uniform clean.

The most common (and practical) choice is a custom waist apron, although some high-end restaurants favor a bistro apron. A waist apron is less expensive than a bistro apron and offers better mobility (which is important when servers are expected to move quickly) while a bistro apron provides more protection against stains.

- Garden Center Aprons and Florist Aprons

If you have a plant nursery, garden center, or florist shop, you know that things can get dirty -- and that's uniform aprons make a lot of sense. Not only will you keep your employees' clothing a bit cleaner, you're giving them important storage space for tools... along with a great spot for a printed or embroidered logo.

- Custom Aprons for Schools and Daycare Centers

Childcare is a messy business. If you have a school that caters to young children, custom daycare aprons can your teachers and other team members' clothes safe. This can be especially important during certain activities like arts and crafts.

- Supermarket and Deli Aprons

Whether working behind a counter or at a register, a company logo apron is a great work uniform for grocery stores and delis. After all, when you're working with food, stocking shelves, or bagging items, there's always the chance of something happening -- and, with an apron, you ensure it won't happen to your worker's clothes.

The most popular choice is a full-length apron (like a custom bib apron). This provides the most coverage against spills and stains.

- Work Aprons for Hardware Stores

Certain kinds of hardware stores can benefit from custom aprons, particularly full-length aprons with pockets. First, because some materials can stain employees' clothing. On top of that, a work apron's large, durable pockets can store objects that might rip normal clothes.

Worker aprons tend to be something of a standard in big box hardware stores -- most people are familiar with the iconic orange Home Depot apron -- and are an extremely practical choice for smaller hardware stores, too.

- Custom Workshop Aprons

If your employees work with wood, clay, or any number of other materials, they're bound to get dirty over the course of a day. Although a logo apron is good for keeping those clothes a bit cleaner, it's even better for having pockets to store whatever tools are needed for the job.

Whether it's two pockets or three, the added storage space can be a game-changer. That's why a custom pocket bib apron can be something of an essential, although it gets even better with your company logo to promote solidarity, camaraderie, and -- dare I say it? -- perhaps even friendship.

- Company Logo Aprons for Retail

Although less intuitive than many of the other uses on this list, company logo aprons can be a GREAT low-cost choice for a uniform even when the work isn't dirty.

Why? Because a custom store apron can used all week! Instead of providing employees with multiple custom t-shirts or embroidered polos, you can give them a single custom logo apron to wear while representing your small business or brand.

Organizations that also Benefit from Customizing Logo Aprons

Cafeteria worker in school preparing cookies in her white custom apron

Customized aprons aren't just for businesses, they can be useful for a wide range of organizations including non-profits, especially ones focused on acts of service.

- After School Programs (Especially Custom Craft Aprons)

Between parents' busy schedules and wanting to enrich children's lives, after school programs of all kinds are immensely popular. And, if those programs involve art or anything messy, custom aprons can be a big deal.

A full-length apron with a logo can identify your workers (or volunteers), ensuring parents feel comfortable leaving their young ones with your group.

- Printed Aprons for Soup Kitchens

A custom apron is a great uniform in a soup kitchen, since it identifies volunteers while protecting their clothing from stains. On top of that, having the added pockets can be a major benefit.

- Meal Delivery Charity Aprons

Whether or not your meals are on wheels, disabled members of the community have a need for food deliveries. Personalized aprons with a logo help to build trust by showing your workers (or volunteers) are part of your organization.


Custom Cooking Aprons for Events

Skilled chef in his black custom apron preparing a private meal for a client

Besides everybody who has a regular need for aprons, there also special occasions and events, too. For example, if you have a corporate outing -- like a summer cookout or BBQ -- you could equip the employees manning the grills with custom aprons.

In the case of events, those personalized aprons are being used in an act of service. So by providing a custom apron, you're both recognizing that contribution and helping others recognize it, too.



Custom Logo Apron Buying Guide

Choosing the right customizable apron isn't always easy, but this brief guide should take some of the mystery out of the process by walking you through many of the decisions.

How Many Apron Pockets Do You Need?

Two models wearing custom aprons comparing the amount of pockets

Most custom pocket aprons will feature either two or three patch pockets (which is a fancy term for a pocket stitched to the outside of a garment). Although some aprons have more than three pockets, there's a practicality issue since each pocket removes space from the others.

For most uses, even two patch pockets will often be more than enough. This is something of a standard for a pocket bib apron. Waist aprons tend to favor three pockets, mostly since they're often used to carry smaller objects. (This is the kind of apron favored by waitstaff.)

Besides the patch pockets, you can also have a smaller pen pocket. For style and practicality, these are usually connected to a patch pocket (and may blend in when pockets go across the entire front).

Of course, even if you think you don't need any pockets, there usually isn't any harm in having them and they can be incredibly convenient.

Type of Apron Straps

Two models facing away revealing the straps for their aprons

Although sometimes an afterthought, apron straps are so important they literally keep the whole thing together. After all, can you wear an apron without straps?

Not all aprons offer a lot of variety when it comes to straps. For example, waist apron will often just feature the one strap at the top. However, a bib apron's neck strap can be adjusted at the neck or with a single strap at the waist (which works like a drawstring).

Custom Apron Material

What's your apron made of?

The most common apron fabrics are either a cotton twill or a blend of polyester and cotton twill. While it doesn't sound like a lot of difference, a blend is usually easier to care for than a 100% cotton twill.

Whichever you choose, most quality aprons will offer some form of stain resistance. However, the thing that sets apart the polyester blends is they're less likely to wrinkle.

Speaking of material, another important choice is garment color, since the color of your apron can have an impact on your design and everything else.

Apron Length (ie, Custom Bib Apron vs Custom Waist Apron)

Two models showing the size difference between two aprons

Probably the biggest decision you'll make involves apron length. Certain types of aprons are automatically going to be better for some jobs and uses.

A waist apron, for example, is ideal for waitstaff because they're less likely to get messy. The larger benefit is having pockets and being protected from spills (and other hazards) that are at table height.

Meanwhile, a full-length apron (or a bib apron) provides far more protection and is what people think about when they hear an apron. It's good for everything from retail to food prep.

Of course, for full body coverage -- front and back -- there are also cobbler aprons. However, a cobbler apron isn't essential for most activities and you save by choosing to only protect the front.


Where Can You Place an Apron Logo?

There are are a lot of places for a business logo on an apron, but some spots work way, way better than others.

The two most common apron logo design areas are the center chest and on one of the pockets. Depending on how many pockets the apron has, your choice can vary. However, just like the left-chest is a great spot for a logo, people generally prefer a left-pocket design. But, if you have an odd number of pockets -- such as three instead of two -- you might consider putting a log on the middle pocket.

However, for an instantly-seen, highly visible logo, a center-chest design is definitely the way to go. This is often the best choice for retail and other service-related jobs.... although it's obviously not an option with a waist apron.


Why Screen-Print Aprons?

Screen-printed aprons have a few advantages over their embroidered counterparts. However, the biggest advantage is often cost -- screen printing is usually the cheaper option. A single-color design will always be cheaper than an embroidered logo... although the more colors you add, the more the cost can increase until it's eventually more expensive than embroidery (or there are too many colors in the design for it to be practical).

In addition, screen-printing is better at picking up fine details. However, if you're placing your design on apron pocket, odds are that level of detail will be missed anyway.

The final advantage is size. You can have a larger image with a screen-printed apron than you could have with an embroidered apron... although, given the space (which would be the center-chest), your logo size can't be quite as big as it'd be on a custom t-shirt, but it can still be pretty large.

Why Custom Embroider Aprons?

Bollt Printing offers embroidery too!

Embroidery adds a stylish flair to clothing and other accessories. It's also great for designs that involve a rich variety of colors.

By necessity (because the cost of embroidery is based on stitch count), designs on custom embroidered aprons tend to smaller and more tasteful. However, that's not to say they can't make an impression -- after all, custom embroidery has always offered a professional look and an embroidered personalized apron is bound to impress.


Our Most Popular Customizable Aprons

When it comes to custom aprons, your team deserves the best... and, luckily, that's all we carry.

Here are our six bestselling custom aprons. (Why six? Because it's one better than five!)

Custom Port Authority Waist Apron with Pockets (A515)

This 100% cotton twill half-apron features 3 pouch pockets and a pen pocket. It's been widely sold to restaurants across the country for their waitstaff.

And with stain-release protection, these aprons should look good for a very long time.

Have your logo screen-printed on this waist apron today! [Design now]


Custom Port Authority Poly/Cotton Full-Length Apron (A520)

Offering both protection and convenience, this 65/35 polyester/cotton twill full-length apron features 2 patch pockets and a pen pocket. The fitting system relies on a single strap for adjusting the apron. It's easy to care for thanks to being less wrinkle-prone than other aprons.

It's a versatile apron great for a variety of uses and will look amazing with your screen-printed logo. [Design now]

Two models working in a coffee shop wearing their custom aprons

Custom Port Authority Full-Length Apron with Pockets (A500)

This 100% cotton twill full-length apron offers incredible protection AND features 2 waist-level patch pockets, a pen pocket, and an adjustable neck strap for maximum convenience (and comfort).

Feel confident thanks to this apron's stain-release protection when you have it customized with your screen-printed logo. [Design now]

Custom Port Authority Medium-Length Apron with Pouch Pockets (A510)

At 24" long (instead of a full-length apron's 30" length), this 100% cotton twill apron offers more than adequate coverage and is a little easier to move around in. It features 2 waist-level patch pockets and a pen pocket, along with an adjustable neck strap.

And, as with all of our other cotton twill aprons, it features stain-release protection.

It's available for screen-printing. [Design now]

Two workers in a flooring shop wearing aprons

Embroidered Port Authority Easy Care Full-Length Apron with Stain Release (A703-E)

This 65/35 polyester/cotton twill full-length apron features 3 front pockets (but no pen pocket) and an adjustable neck strap.

Stay stress-free with an easy care apron, which offers wrinkle and stain resistance. It's waiting for your embroidered logo. [Design now]

Embroidered Port Authority Easy Care Extra Long Bib Apron with Stain Release (A700-E)

At 34.5" long (instead of a normal full-length apron's 30"), this 65/35 polyester/cotton twill apron offers a large amount of protection. It features 3 front pockets (but no pen pocket) and an adjustable neck strap.

With this easy care apron, you won't have to worry nearly as much about wrinkles and stains. Best of all, it'll look amazing with your embroidered logo. [Design now]

Two volunteers wearing aprons with cute slogans on them


We Make It Easy to Design Custom Aprons

Whether you need custom printed aprons or custom embroidered aprons, Bolt Printing has you covered. Our online design studio takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of apron design. Just upload your artwork, place it where you want, click submit, and our team of talented customer service experts will take it from there, making sure your logo turns out amazing.

At Bolt Printing, we pride ourselves on our quality, speed, and affordable prices. We understand you have a business to run, which is why we make ordering as painless as possible.

Looking for additional savings? Order ahead to take advantage of our free shipping. You can also place larger orders for bulk savings on custom aprons. And, if you plan to be in business for a long time, you should always buy a few extras.

Be sure to check out our screen printed and embroidered sections.

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